Thursday, November 2

Mastering Mediation Blog

At last, the first of our growing family of mediation blogs to go to college!

Mastering Mediation Blog is a collaborative project between the program faculty, adjunct faculty and graduate students in Woodbury College’s master’s program in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies.

These guys really get it.

"... people who both teach and practice mediation are the truly lucky ones. We become better teachers by being in the mediation room regularly and better mediators by being in the classroom. Each role feeds the other dynamically.This blog grew from that belief..."

Hallelujah! Right on, sister Tammy!

Mastering Mediation is, then, a collaborative exploration of the ways we learn to be effective mediators and how to teach people to become so. Contributing bloggers will include the program faculty (all of whom are active practitioners—there are no full-time faculty in our program), adjunct faculty, current master’s students and candidates (whose ages generally range from 25-75), and the occasional alumni voices...

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Tammy Lenski said...

Thanks for the gracious post, Geoff. I love your opening line so much! Comments coming from an innovator and professional like you mean a lot.