Thursday, November 23

Mother's little helper

This typo in a mediation report to the US District Court, Northern District of Texas

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Rick Weiler said...

Geoff, I thought your audience might be interested to know that the character depicted in this cartoon is René Lévesque, former separatist premier of the province of Quebec, Canada . The cartoon by celebrated Canadian cartoonist Aislin (Terry Mosher - ) appeared following Lévesque's election as Quebec premier in 1976.

At the time it was thought to foreshadow the break up of Canada. This is exquisite timing on your part as the conservative Prime Minister of Canada, Steven Harper, has just introduced a motion in our Parliament recognizing Quebec as a "Nation" within Canada thus returning the chattering classes et al to their natural and perennial focus on "national unity" and away from more mundane topics such as the falterning national economy, the ever increasing gap between rich and poor and the abhorent conditions of many of Canada's aboriginal peoples (ironically, here referred to as "First Nations").

As a mediator is often wont to lament, "why can't everybody just get along?"

(thanks for providing the opportunity for this vent....but, then again, it's what you do, right?)

Warmest Regards

Rick Weiler