Wednesday, February 7

Just some of the blogosphere's reaction to Online Guide to Mediation's Blawg Review #94

From WAC?

If you want to see both exemplary blawging and a great ad for blogging all around, see Diane Levin's "Mediation Channel" Blawg Review #94, collecting last week's best posts. A Boston lawyer and mediator, Diane Levin publishes Online Guide to Mediation.

Diane's been a model for me and many others who blog/blawg and, like WAC?, she seeks to reach bloggers, lawyers and business people outside of the often-insular U.S. She's thoughtful, skillful, outspoken and (gulp) fun.

From Human Law

My friend, Diane Levin, mediator, trainer, and attorney, and founder of Partnering Solutions, LLC, a dispute resolution firm based in the Greater Boston area.

She hosts
Blawg Review #94 with a mediation theme called the "getting to yes" edition which is centred on the theme of negotiation.

This is the type of post that you want to lock up and keep and with the blogosphere and the fact that material should be permanent, we can do this.

There is so much useful information here. It really is a tour de force.

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