Sunday, March 30

Next time I'm in the Big Apple and standing on the pavement oohing and ahhing at the Woolworth Building, 233 Broadway in my floral shirt, I'm going to pluck up the courage to ignore the sign and go through those heavy revolving doors to see attorney mediator David White of White & Associates who sent me this article by a retired New Jersey Judge, in response to my last post What a Judge needed to unlearn before he became a mediator.

In it Judge John Holston talks about going mediating and arbitrating after 23 years on the bench.

John S. Holston Jr. Life After the Bench - Get more free documents

This also hits the point that michael made when he commented on my post saying...

'I am confused about this, probably since PON confuses the heck out me anyways. If you have a dispute with legal contours, it is going to be hard to mediate it unless you can establish some authority about how the dispute may fare in the legal process - something more helpful than: boy, it sure does cost a lot to go to court, eh?'

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elie said...

Aww, gotta love New York.

And your blog. Keep it up!