Wednesday, October 25

The Mediation vBlog Project

Hey, I'm so excited to launch the Mediation vBlog Project, an experiment in mediator networking by video - a kind of mediation genome project by video blog.

I've been working on it for a while now and it's finally ready to take on the road!

So, see what it's all about over at

The vBlog Project is all about giving mediators at the coalface of practice a platform to collaborate, contribute and converse…


Anonymous said...

This is so cool, Geoff! Diane told me that something cool was coming and she was so right. I'm delighted you all are doing this and I hope people jump on board to share, learn and collaborate.

Geoff Sharp said...

Tammy, thanks. Right now I'm holding my breath ...if mediators post it will grow legs. I'm only now seeing it as a bit of a wikithingyjig as its sure going to have to rely on building its own community of rock stars.