Thursday, January 26

The Third Space (3)

Read the last two posts first: The Third Space (1) and (2)

So from tone in the last post to the content of the humble, yet highly effective, corridor encounter. Try these:

1. My instinct is;
......that you need to move away from that last issue for now - its taking us backwards, go to X and come back to it.
......that you need to come off the insult offer range and go to the maybe they'll buy it numbers, but you know how it goes - expect at least two more dances.

2.Yeah, I know - its a real pain to have Bob go on like that, but let him get through it- its for him, not you. I'm on to it and will shut it down if it becomes a problem.

3. If I ask you this in front of your client/in joint session what's the answer going to be? .....No,no you need to be braver than that, why can't you frame it like this...

4. Don't be concerned about that aspect - its not worrying the other side, despite what you might be hearing. I am addressing it with them in private - concentrate on having your chap get to the third issue on the whiteboard. Try to direct his energies into options around it. You know I'm not saying this in a vacuum, trust me there's a way through this.

5. Please, please let's not talk numbers yet - there's more water to go under the bridge before lunch. And do us all a favour, quit using cut to the chase language - you're getting a reaction from them in private and its working against you.

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