Tuesday, February 28

Pro's Play Hurt: Show up and do your best*

God, I felt awful.

Talk about empowering the parties, I just left them to it while I threw up in the hotel loo.

They eventually settled and they were very gracious about how I had been a good listener and not interfered too much.

They couldn't do it without us, could they?

We do make a difference, don't we?

P.S. Don't rush chicken

* thanks to Diane Levin for the heads up on Tom Collins' interesting post over at the wonderful but obscenely named morepartnerincome

(But it does raise something I have avoided blogging on... sometimes even the mediator has a lot of stuff going on outside the room, you know... the teenager called into the principal's office while you're knee deep in a closing deal... a bit of road rage on the way to the mediation - I find this work so intense it doesn't take much not to be in the zone)

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