Friday, February 17

A Rose By Another Name

This week I was asked to comment on an important piece of work being done by one of those scary government think-tank thingy's.

As part of the project, research was apparently needed into internal dispute management and resolution mechanisms...

I learnt that in this part of the world we have some of the most beautiful names for concepts of peace, peace-making, mediator and mediation.


kairongomau (a peacemaker)
ho'oponopono (Hawaiian concept of 'make it right')
pukenga (an internal mediator)
whakaruruhau (the powerful Ngati Awa tribe's word for a peacemaker)
kaiwhaio (also a peacemaker)

...and a little further a field and a little less poetic...
riksdagens justitieombudsman (the Swedish office of 'grievance person' or ombudsman created in 1809)

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