Monday, February 6

Who The Hell Are We?

So, blogging lawyers have a cyber name for their op-eds - BLAWGS as in the fabulous Blawg Review and Robert Ambrogi's Law Sites and even Ernie the Attorney has something to say.

So if:

BLOG + LAW = BLAWG and they are BLAWG'ers...

Yep, I get that.

...what are the few intrepid blogging mediators called - pioneers like Diane Levin, Dina Lynch and Tammy Lenski?

Are they:

BLOG + ADR = BLADR, are they BLADR'ers? (as in, 'I have a mediator's bladder, no need to break just yet')


BLOG + NEUTRAL = BEUT, are they BEUT's? (as in the old DownUnder call from the rugby sideline, 'Go you beuti, go' (applicable when encouraging players of either gender to 'tuck that leather bladder under your outside arm, pin your ears back and go you good thing!').

So what's BLOG + MEDIATOR =?

A prize awaits.


Andrea Weckerle said...

Blogiator n. 1. A trained mediator engaged in online commentary and analysis for purposes of discussion, education or the mutually satisfactory resolution of a controversy or dispute. 2. A neutral noncombatant engaged in peaceful online idea-exchange. 3. v. blogiate, blogiating.

Geoff Sharp said...

Blogiator....sort of got a 'Biggles over Borneo' feel to it, hard to beat...but lets wait

Andrew Golden said...


Great articles, LOVE the ALL BLACKS Picture!!!