Thursday, March 2

...a few too many kangaroos loose in the top paddock?

Who the hell is 'The Skink' anyway and what's got his goat over there at

In a rant about 'Those Pesky Little Ex-Judge Mediators'... he opines thus:

'Enter the ex-judge wannabe mediator. The ex-judge thinks he has experience as a mediator. He thinks part of what he’s been doing all those years on the bench is getting people to agree to settle their disputes.

After all, he got all those cases to settle, didn’t he? His settlement rate was one of the best in the County, at least that one year — that’s what a clerk once told him, anyway....

But now, as he presides over private mediations in the lavish conference room of his big firm, the ex-judge tries all of his old methods but the magic seems to have gone out of them.

He struts around the room, issues veiled threats, and rants at those who won’t bend or compromise; all to no avail, because he’s just a stripped-down version of his former judicial self — and everyone senses it.

He really has no idea how to mediate, and the threats and bullying tactics that used to be tolerated when he wore a robe now just make him seem desperate — and a tad loco.'

Say what???

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