Saturday, May 27

Real Smart Podcasting

The Otter Group has been podcasting it's Negotiating Tip of the Week with Josh Weiss, Associate Director of Harvard's Global Negotiation Project since this time last year...check it out, if you haven't already.

40 podcasts and over 100,000 downloads later, these guys are taking the next step.

Recent podcasts include:
Negotiating as the Weaker Party
The Listening Negotiator
Interview with NYPD Negotiator
Problem Solving Answer
First Offer

If requested Otter will develop customized learning for a specific organization around the podcasts - like a Q&A with Josh Weiss on the issues he is talking neat is that!

There's also an email facility on the page that I use to send the podcast link to a couple of law firms that use me a bit. I'm talking to them about including it at as part of their lunchtime Dispute Resolution/Litigation CLE program in a 'let's go to Harvard for lunch' slot.

Right now it seems like an ADR 'watch this space' moment as far as podcasts are concerned- there's plenty more to come in the fledgling ADR podcast scene, and it will pay to be an early adopter of all that is on offer.

Want to skip the whole blogging thing because it's so last year and move straight to podcasting?...the folk at Otter have some tips on best podcasting practice for you.

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