Monday, July 31

In business, not every dispute needs to feel like this...

Over at CEDR no expense was spared to research the real cost of conflict to British business.

In addition to producing a poster worthy of a Greenpeace campaign they also found the cost to be a whopping £33 billion.

The good folks at CEDR then went the extra distance and found:

1. Over a third of managers would rather parachute jump for the first time (35%) than address a problem with their team at work, and just under a third would rather shave their head for charity (27%).
2. Many managers do not feel comfortable addressing conflict. Half (49%) would rather attend an event at which they knew no one than tell a client a home truth and over two thirds (69%) would rather send back a bottle of wine in a restaurant than confront a boss’s underperformance directly.

Listen to the audio for more

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