Saturday, July 1

Salam Dari Malaysia - 25 Malaysian Mediators Are Born

Greetings from Malaysia!

Posting to you from a hot and steamy outdoor cyber cafe in a throbbing market in the heart of vibrant Kuala Lumpur.

...where this week in 39c heat my colleague Deb Clapshaw and I have been training the most talented, warm and welcoming bunch of budding and passionate mediators you could imagine.

Senior Officers from the Biro Bantuan Guaman will start mediating legal aid matters from August as a result of a bold piece of legislation allowing for mediation of all legal aid cases in Malaysia.
We laughed and cried as we got to know each others' language and customs. Like 'we've nailed it' (NZ) and the gentle, respectful way Malaysians greet shaking your hand, then drawing their hand away and up to their of the most beautiful gestures I can imagine.

Malaysia can teach us all a thing or two about peaceful living as it's peoples co-exist and thrive in their Malay, Chinese and Indian communities...and the wonderful food, wet markets and smells. Even the subway stops sound exotic...ahhh Asia!

....and Laurence Boulle's book went over big - thanks Laurence you have started a whole new thing about mediation and cooking. And talking of things training - great post over at Diane Levin's blog for us wannabe trainers.

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