Thursday, July 13

Worth a read this weekend...

Mediation - Schmediation...from The Upbeat Divorce Blog reminds me that, just like my old swim coach, we tend to forget how cold the water is when we aren't the one in swimming...

'I was better prepared for this

After my last experience, I remembered that
living with him - it was when he sensed 'weakness' that he came in for the kill.
So I promised myself that I'd remain calm today...'


'This morning when I dropped my daughter off with The Idiot, I
needed to pull into the driveway after the 'handoff' so I could turn around. He was taking his own sweet time to get to across the driveway...'
If you want more of the dark side visit the blog's eclectic blog roll including links like Mistakes Were Made...but mostly by him

I suppose it's good to talk about it.

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