Wednesday, August 16

Forget preparing for mediation, forget opening statements, forget the 12 hours sitting around a table on ergonomic seats...

Hey, Plaintiff Counsel !!

Just play them the DVD you got made, leave the room and come back in to hear their settlement offer.

Better still, just phone it in.

So it was, not so long ago, that I experienced my first video settlement documentary in mediation.

We took our assigned places at the table>I did my thing - after which this blog is named>they should have then done their thing, like, open; say we're here to settle; acknowlege there will be no winners>then let the games commence.

But NOOO...

Instead, plaintiff lawyer #2 dims the lights, pulls a screen down from the ceiling, cranks the data projector into life and lights/action...a compelling drama unfolded, may as well have been 60 Minutes tickticktick but it wasn't.

It was a video settlement documentary.

A what?

I like to think here in New Zealand we are 5 years behind y'all in most things except the quality of our scenery and ice cream.

So I'm assuming you know what I'm talking about - a professionally produced 30 minute, made for TV doco - that's intended to have defence attorneys reaching for their wallets.

Boston Media Group do.

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