Thursday, August 3


Take a look at this.

Its the result of a first class legal mind combined with the power of web feeds (RSS) where bits of the web come to you... if you just don't get RSS, you sure should now.

Take the time to see what the site is trying to do, especially if you are inside counsel.

Outside counsel can choose to share their know-how by adding new stuff to the site. They can create links to material on their own sites, add updates and articles or email audio files directly to the site. feature is a stand out

InsideoutLegal has created a lens, the kind of thing Seth (riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread) Godlin bangs on about, sort of - it searches for content across a defined piece of cyber real estate, in this case the top 50 law firms from the EURO100 (for you US centrics, think Fortune 500 Legal but in Europe).

Other bits of cyberstate should make it to the search list as the site whatever topic you like - I plugged in 'mediation' and got everything the EURO100 firms had written on it, just like that.

A whole 4 hours of research in one hit. And it came to me, I didn't go to it.

Oh, the site's blog InsideoutLegal Blog lets you get bits of it as well, again by feed. Just click the and stuff wings it to your door!

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