Sunday, August 27

Out this month -The Negotiator's Fieldbook

Anything Chris Honeyman writes has me sitting at the end of the drive, waiting for the postman to peddle by with a familiar brown Amazon package.

This book is going to be good, very good. Just look at the preview .pdf chapters linked below.

The Negotiator's Fieldbook is the culmination of the Broad Field project, a national project headed by Honeyman...

'The Negotiator's Fieldbook is an ambitious effort to capture the full range of new knowledge about negotiation. This book features eighty contributing authors with many different kinds of practical and academic expertise. For teachers, the Fieldbook pulls together in readable, short chapters the relevant ideas on negotiation from law, psychology, business, economics, cultural studies and a dozen other fields which have not previously been available in any single textbook. For practitioners and lawyers and others alike the ABA believes The Negotiator's Fieldbook will immediately be recognized as the foremost reference work in the field'

Table of Contents
Appendix - the "why & how" of the book
Trust and Distrust (Roy Lewicki)
Strategic Moves and Turns (Deborah Kolb)
Crossing the Last Gap (John Wade)

Order Here - big savings if you are a ABA D/R Section member

Take a look at these from Honeyman, Five Elements of Mediation
and now a few years old but still it nails the issue: The Incredible Disappearing Profession

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