Tuesday, September 26

Ken Cloke hits town today

What a marvellous time spent with Ken Cloke here in Wellington today.

Ken is in New Zealand as a visiting Fellow of Massey University and will take a number of courses and workshops over the next 2 weeks.

Ken is one of the few I know who has made QUESTIONS ('the object of a question is to lead them to their own truth') his domain.

Wonderful, fat, compassionate questions like:
>How are you responding to the difficult behavior?
>Is he benifiting in any way from your responses to that behavior?
>What promise are you willing to make to him with no acknowledgement or expectation in return?
hat gift could you give her that you continue to withhold? Why?

Watch out for Ken's latest book The Crossroads of Conflict - A Journey into the Heart of Dispute Resolution

Table of Contents here

Introduction here

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