Wednesday, September 13

Online Guide's 400th Post (count'em 400) !

Congratulations to Diane Levin over at Online Guide To Mediation who is about to put up her 400th post.

With 75,000 new weblogs created every day, non bloggers may not realise how much noise there is out there and the buzz bloggers get when we are read by a largely unseen and silent audience.

Diane's first post was January 12, 2005 and look at how much off and online effort has gone into her 400 wonderfully generous posts since - for instance, this well researched post on mediator certification.

With quirky posts like 'Mediation is not 'meditation' with a typo' or more serious pieces like 'What to look for in basic mediation training' the Online Guide has now attained the exalted position as a must read blog for mediators and is the acknowledged leader of our small blogging community.

Along with the groundbreaking, see and be seen at, Directory of ADR Blogs and the ADR Blog Web Ring the Online Guide continues to set the standard for things mediation online.

'The most compelling, cutting-edge, honest legal writing being produced in this country today is happening on the Internet, and the crop improves daily... it's clear that the real bones and guts and sinew of the national conversation is happening online, and not in print.'
The American Lawyer 'Blawgs on a Roll'

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