Wednesday, September 20

This mediation cost benefit analysis just in from eBay

Can't get response from seller
Posted Sep-08-06 22:46:09 PDT

"I won an item [a bra] from a seller who has overall gotten great feedback, yet about 5 out of 150 people had the same trouble I have.
No response to communication attempts and no item. I won on 9/4 and it is 9/9 and I can't even find out when they intend to ship my item.

Mediation is about $29, but my item is around $37.

I don't know what to do?

Any advice?"

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tiffanyvilla ( 82) View items for sale
Good luck. My psycho buyer and your crappy seller should meet.
Sep-08-06 22:48:24 PDT
redheaded_pistonpusher ( 287) View items for sale
If it is the bra, it states right in the auction to allow 7 days to receive your item!
Sep-08-06 22:58:18 PDT
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