Friday, September 1

Worth a read this weekend...

Jeff Kichaven's 14 August Daily Journal Newswire article What Attorneys Want in Mediators and How To Provide It is a good piece.

Having recently surveyed 50 'top-flight' lawyers, this is what he found...

'[lawyers] ask one another whether mediators are good at figuring out ways to explain things to their clients that work better than the ways the lawyers were able to devise on their own - right-brain functioning, not exactly most lawyers' stock-in-trade. It is not logic. It is not argument. It is not debate. Call it psychology, call it persuasion, call it empathy, call it what you will. It's the ability to get on wavelength with people quickly, sincerely and meaningfully.

And it's the talent that you need to earn the big bucks.'...[read more]

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Check out Jeff's web site and tell me if this ain't a piece of cyberspace marking the confluence of Alan Shore's 'L.A. la la' and ADR.

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