Wednesday, November 15

A fight with my father: a mediator reflects

Dear Diary
[15 November 06]

Listen mate, if - and more likely when - you're in conflict again, don't think like a mediator.

Next time take a moment to feel that gut wrenching anger that was like hatred in there somewhere for a split second, but quickly turned to a slow-burn and overtime, to sadness then dull sorrow.

Then explore that knot in your stomach as you stewed, having walked away from the fight. Feel the angst at having said stuff now regretted, but not able to be apologised for just yet.

Dwell in the experience of those around you who don't understand that you're so upset or are too busy with their own lives to notice.

Know that time is precious now.

Then later feel that extraordinary dawning of distance, when perspective imposes itself.

And a loving life resumes...

And reflect that every week you sit with people in this same space.

Don't ever forget that.


Victoria Pynchon said...

Geoff. This is one of the most deeply felt blog posts I've EVER read. I have a close friend who's going through some similar feelings right now & I passed it along to him because it moved me so and I wanted to share the depth of your insight. Thanks. Vickie

Geoff Sharp said...

Thanks for your kind words Vickie-I was a little unsure about this post, you know feeling a little too open, but I reckon mediators should feel the cold steel of personal conflict every so often...keeping it real, as they say.

Love your blog @