Friday, December 1

Friday Potpourri

A whole lot of stuff to read on a Friday... here's my top 10;

1. A handy roadmap for a weekend road trip of the best of the mediation blog posts this week over at Diane Levin's Online Guide to Mediation. Some wonderful posts this week.

2. The Keystone Conference Final Report from the Senior Mediators' "Consolidating Our Collective Wisdom Conference" held at Keystone, Colorado October 8-11, 2006.

Also see;
Rolling Record
Conference Participants
Favored Ideas
Keystone Conference Resources

3. Ken Cloke interviewed over at
Idealawg Blog

4. Mediate.Com is offering a customised newsletter service for mediators. A newsletter with your photo etc. will be sent bi-monthly on your behalf to your provided list of clients. Mediation News is edited by Keith Seat, J.D (offer available to IAM members only up to 15 December, then open to all)

5. An extremely useful little thingy via Escape from Cubicle Nation if you spend a lot of time planning the best time to hook up with overseas colleagues via Skype.

6. A wonderful new addition to The World Directory of ADR Blogs. Visit the ADR Blog Reading Room, a fantastic resource.

7. A good read, if you have the time; Will This Case Settle? An Exploration of Mediators' Predictions

8. New video clips over at the Mediation vBlog Project (you can keep up with any new clips as a link to each new clip now appears in pink in the sidebar here at mediator blah...blah...). Thanks to these early adoptors;
Vickie Pynchon
Diane Levin
George Smith
Cassandra Lawrence
Paul Hutcheson and Jesse
Gini Nelson
Kristina Haymes
Colin and Tamuna McKenzie

9. A new d/r blog - IDR Mediation Blog Dispute Resolution Services - focusing exclusively on insurance coverage disputes - time this important mediation speciality got some attention.

10A. As I write this, really as I write this, there is trouble in paradise. Fiji's military will today launch their threatened operation to "clean-up" the government. Its a good old fashioned coup folks. It comes after both the head of the Army and Prime Minister flew to New Zealand for mediated talks yesterday.

Click here and go to the bottom of the page for the audio player to listen to the army boss' threats to the Fijian government..."I want all the demands met, today, in fact tomorrow (Friday), every one...everything that I demanded for must be met by midday tomorrow".

Man, talk about positional... a bit like
Billy Connolly

10B. Fishbowl mediation via Gary Fitzpatrick, BC “when touchy feely isn’t enough" and when they won't move to interests, bite back!

...enjoy and see you at the end of the tunnel I'm about to go into...13 mediations on the trot starting Monday.


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