Wednesday, January 31

Are we selling cars now?

You be the judge...this pitch found at Mediate This!

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Kristina Haymes said...

I came across this same video when I did a You Tube search for mediation.

I think the bottom line is that mediators have to be very careful how we use video for marketing...


John said...


Vickie said...

This is why we have friends -- to warn us against wearing mini-skirts after 40, flirting with younger men, telling war stories at parties and posting material to the internet that does not present us in the most flattering light. So I ask all my blogging friends NOW to please point out the "Glamour No" whenever I transgress age- and profession-appropriate boundaries!

Thanks for always finding the BEST STUFF on the 'net Geoff!

Query -- how do you download photos taken with your cell phone?

Ford said...

Actually, I think she makes her point rather well; makes more of an impression than most of the other boring stuff I've seen out there about mediation!