Wednesday, January 24

Geeez, I love the passion in our profession

This post from aspiring mediator, Eliesheva at lizrael update, a blogger poet from Jerusalem, Israel;

When I grow up

I'm in love.

It hit me today, like a club, like an enormous brainstorm.

I want to be a mediator.

Obviously, this was something I thought I want to do. I thought I could do.

But as of today, I know: This is what I will do.

I want to help people communicate. I want to help people express themselves and understand their opponents. I want to bridge experiences and thought processes. I want to show people how to bargain, how to negotiate, how to realize their dreams to the best of their ability while realizing their disputant's needs and dreams. I want to help people 'take into account'. 'Walk a mile in another's shoes.

I'm so in love!

...and this post yesterday;

Mediation on the brain

...I can see myself sitting at the table, talking to participants, focusing on language, the whole thing. Sure, I used to see myself in a lot of places, but I never really believed it.

They were fantasies.

This could actually work.

Of course, it'll take a lot of work. Not just career-wise, but personally-wise.

A mediator will never be absolutely neutral but a mediator does need to be confident, stable and very, very patient...

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