Tuesday, January 23

How Cool Is That?

This piece 'Muslim Cleric, Airline Successfully Mediate in New Zealand' from the first bi-monthly complimentary issue of Mediation News for the 21st Century, a newsletter service provided by Mediate.com.

But what's so groovy is that you can see the Chief Mediator of the NZ Human Rights mediation team talking about this exact case over at the Mediation vBlog Project.

...that's convergence folks!

'Muslim Cleric, Airline Successfully Mediate in New Zealand
The New Zealand Human Rights Commission illustrated the success of its dispute resolution program which since 2002 has focused on mediation by detailing a number of cases, one of which resolved claims against an airline by a Muslim religious leader who was removed from a plane as a security risk for spending ten minutes in the toilet in ritual ablutions before take off. The airline ultimately gave the cleric a written apology and financial compensation for missing his presentation at an overseas conference, and instituted cultural awareness training and other changes to prevent recurrences. Overall, the Commission reported that discrimination complaints are up 11% over the previous year.
New Zealand Herald (December 9, 2006)'

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