Thursday, February 15

Australia has red states too...

Perth Now reports the Islamic Council of WA is creating a Western Australian Board of Imams to mediate between Muslims on civil disputes but is not an attempt to introduce full Sharia Law.

"Once you start to get into a legal system based upon religious principles, a greater risk of interpretational difficulties will come up,'' Mr Rajan of the Ethnic Communities Council said...."and, let's be honest, Sharia Law in its extreme form can be quite barbaric.''

But Mr Ahmad of the Council said Sharia Law was often misunderstood.

Latest 'Perth Now' Comments:

"No way to Sharia law,Australian Law Is the Law of this country if these Idiots want their own Law then THEY SHOULD GO back to where came from. AUSTRALIAN RULES. "
Posted by: merv of On the Nullarbor 6:49pm February 14, 2007

"This is the most frightening thing I have heard in a long time. How many more concessions are they going to make??? The underlying agenda is world domination of Islam - this will happen if good men sit back and do nothing... If you don't like how the country deals with things - go back to your own country... "
Posted by: Mandy of Perth 7:20am today

"What did everyone really expect? There should be no surprise here as the leaders of the Muslim community have been indicating all along their ultimate plans... We are stumped by our own democratic laws and they are cunning enough to know it..."
Posted by:
Sally of Perth 11:29pm February 14, 2007

"And if you believe that this isnt an attempt to get a foot in the door of Sharia law for Australia, then I have a nice bridge on Sydney Harbour for sale!"
Posted by: Sandy Parkinson of Hilton 10:25pm February 14, 2007

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