Monday, February 19

Order Online

You may have noticed the odd change to this blog recently, all good I hope.

Problem is, I'm a fiddler - and we've seen before just because it ain't broke, doesn't mean I won't try and fix it.

You can now see what a global village we live in with the most recent locations of readers now displayed in the sidebar to your right - the latest 10 readers are there in real time.

As I write this, a big welcome to Vienna, Austria; Williamsburg, USA; Belmont, Australia; United Kingdom; Ngauranga, New Zealand (that's just down the road!); Halifax, Canada (is it cold up there?)...

And while we are on the subject, welcome to all the folks coming across for the first time from now that there is a Featured Blog Spotlight over there - nice to know you're visiting.

Please feel free to have a poke around, use the archives to get a feel for what this blog is about and please comment on anything and everything by clicking on the comments link that you will find at the bottom of each post!

I plan to have the latest video clip from over at the Mediation vBlog Project as a thumbnail in the sidebar to tempt you over there to watch it on a big screen [those embedded in large organisations may have trouble seeing videos from your work computer as many block uTube].

As my old friend Gary Fitzpatrick from Vancouver wrote me and said today "...your blog has certainly caught on. You now have so many bells and whistles I’m afraid to touch anything in case I order a hamburger...."

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