Thursday, March 8

Anyone with a spare sense of humour, please forward it to the folks over at Family Lore

Oh Dear!

This just posted at Family Lore after my recent Whaddaya mean it's not a panacea??.

"Ruffling feathers

It seems that my post
'Solicitors blamed again' may have ruffled a few (kiwi) feathers.

I'm not sure if Mr Sharp's post is meant to be tongue in cheek, but if
not I really don't know why mediation should be considered a panacea for all disputes. As I said in my post, that has certainly not been the experience of my clients"

I'll put it down to cultural differences when it comes to humour just like I did last time when the folks in LA wrote to me.

[John, no offence intended and the post was tagged, 'good mediation stuff on the net'....You know it's an interesting area, these cultural differences in the way we approach humour.]


John Bolch said...

Hello Geoff,

Well, I did say I wasn't sure whether your post was meant to be tongue in cheek! Sorry for the sense of humour failure - yes, let's just put it down to cultural differences!



Geoff Sharp said...

John, nice of you to comment. I think you are quite right, too many (often new) mediators see mediation as a cure all...I plan a post on this soon.