Monday, March 19

Juries in Mediation

The spectacle of Spector murder trail getting underway has prompted me to suggest the way in which juries are relevant to the practise of mediation.

Mediators may find a lot of what is written about trial juries to be off topic but if you like reading outside our own narrow tram tracks, some of it may be of interest...

After all, jury watchers are keen students of human behaviour and are interested in what makes people tick.

Just like good mediators.

I follow two jury centric blogs;

jurygeek by Clay S. Conrad an appellate attorney from Houston who has been studying the jury since 1993 and is now a partner in Conrad, Marteeny & Looney, and

Jury Blog by Valerie Hans of Newark, Delaware who has been studying, researching, and writing about the jury as an institution for more than 30 years

You can subscribe to a free newsletter;
Jur-E Bulletin a weekly email that includes a mix of amusing and informative stories on the jury, edited by Anne Skove at the National Centre for State Courts in the US.

Jury selection in the Spector trial begins today and full coverage begins at Court TV

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