Friday, March 23

TGI Friday - Take The Fake Smile Test

Ok, so they get me every time.

"Ohhh... Geoff! Don't believe anything they tell you in there...she's just a smiling assassin...."

Y'know what? I never know who is faking what and have long since gave up trying to tell.

Instead, I prefer to take everyone at face value until I have a reason not to.

This is a bit of fun...take this fake smile test - 20 smiles - genuine or fake?

How good are you?

I got 12/20!

Go here for tests on detecting fake voice, face and micro expressions


Dina Lynch, said...

So, here's an intriquing thought, Geoff. Does it matter if the smile is fake?

Studies suggest that holding a smile on your face, even when you don't initially feel joyous or happy, will eventually bring about those feelings. Kinda a 'fake it 'til you make it' thing.

If this is true, then it doesn't matter because eventually the feelings will match the visual.
It seems quite kind of you and very wise
to offer your trust first. You understand, like I do, that we're creatures of reciprocity, us humans. We return what's offered to us. Anyone who doubts that just needs to observe what happens the next time a stranger wishes you a nice day. Reflectively, most of us will respond with some form of the same wish.

Thanks again, Geoff. I really do like the way your brain works.

Smiling broadly and warmly,


Geoff Sharp said...

Yes Dina but what was your score????
[Love your comments]