Saturday, April 14

Mediation in Second Life

Is this the first (mock) mediation in Second Life?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Geoff!!
Thank you for this post.
It is ny first visit to SL.
Fascinating!!!! Waiting for more details.

Sandra Regev- Mediator

Diane Levin said...

Hi, there, Geoff,

Interesting to see the uses to which educators are putting Second Life. Very cool!

Thought you'd like to know that this is not the first time Second Life has been used for mediation role-playing. In Spring 2006, high school teachers Jennifer Nieto and Peggy Ward developed a Virtual Peer Mediation Training Simulation using Second Life as its platform. You can read about it at Bill Warter's Campus ADR Tech Blog at Unfortunately it looks as if the links are no longer working, which is too bad--the description of the simulation was fascinating. If anyone knows of any other programs using Second Life for mediation training, please let Geoff and me know about it!

Geoff Sharp said...

Thanks guys, I have left a message on the blog asking the author to give a little more information.