Tuesday, May 1

Family and Natural Resource Mediation

Two New Zealand resources that may be of wider interest - fresh out in the last week or so.

First, one for our family mediators, especially if you are looking at some sort of court annexed mediation of family disputes in a courthouse near you : Family Mediation - Evaluation of the Pilot

"This study was undertaken to enable the Ministry of Justice to identify any implementation issues, assess the costs of the pilot, and assess the experiences of the various participants, including their satisfaction with the process. It considered matters such as referrals and attendance, immediate outcomes of mediation and returns to court by the parties"

via Richard Best

Next, if you are a mediator involved in environmental work take a good look at Stephen Higgs' article, Mediating Sustainability: The Public Interest Mediator in the New Zealand Environment Court

"The New Zealand Environment Court is a unique institution that adjudicates disputes arising under the country’s sustainability-based legislation. In addition to rendering decisions, the Court maintains an innovative mediation service where its own technically-oriented commissioners serve as mediators to help parties explore potential settlements to their disputes.

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