Friday, May 4

NewsRadar : personalized publications

OK, I'm the first to say this won't be for everyone.

If you are not a techie (těk'ē) - that's you Gary Fitzpatrick - then stop reading now.

But this is way cool. From Duct Tape Marketing Blog comes this post.

DTM suggests we make our way over to mySyndicaat and create personalized, search specific, RSS feeds, mash them together and deliver customized information to clients on a daily basis.

I've tried it - it's a winner.

The name for this is newsradar.

Say you have good client law firm for whom you train, mediate or design the odd dispute resolution system. Want to add some value to what you do?

Well, n
ow you can search very specific terms and phrases of interest to the client in Google News, Yahoo News, Bloglines, Technorati, Google Blogs - or anything else that produces an RSS feed - and mash all the content about the firm, their competitors, the latest med-mal developments... anything they are interested in and create them a personalized news feed that changes daily.

They don't even need to understand RSS or any of that stuff (hell, who does?). All they know is that they get very specific/very on topic, news, blog posts, web pages etc that match their field of interest - exactly.

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John Nail said...

It is good to see MySyndicaat get these kind of great reviews.
I have used it daily for my website - - focused on the human resources, benefits, insurance and healthcare communities for over a year. It also powers my daily newsletter that reaches over 100,000 people.
As you pointed out the tool is powerful,flexible and business focused and just keeps getting better as well.