Monday, June 4

3 mediations, 3 cities, 3 carpets

Another in the series - 'carpets upon which I have mediated' - to test my theory that the carpet upon which the drama plays out is, in part, determinative of the outcome.

Last week;

Monday - a gentlemen's club

Wednesday - Wellington City's coat of arms at the Town Hall

Thursday - an artificial river bed - and someone will twist their ankle in it one day


Rick Weiler said...

But Geoff, you haven't told us which of these carpets led to settlement!....grin.

Geoff Sharp said...

Well, on the last one I stumbled through the day but tried to leave no stone unturned in our search for an outcome!


Rick Weiler said...

Ahh, the rocky road to settlement. By the way, I notice on closer examination that in excellent researcher fashion you're holding constant for the shoes (in at least two the cases). You wouldn't want someone alleging lucky loafers when you go to peer review with this research.

Rick Weiler
Ottawa, Canada