Friday, June 1

3 thought pieces worth a read this weekend

All 3 might be a bit of a stretch but you may find one that interests you...

1. Worth a read if you are a commercial mediator and visit the dark side on the odd occasion;

Heavy Metal Mediation - Real Tools for the Real World of Commercial Mediation by LA mediator Lee Jay Berman who has an office on Wilshire Boulevard (man, have you any idea how cool that address sounds to someone in the middle of winter down here in a corner of that world map on your wall?)

2. Worth a read for a lawyer looking for the path back;

Collaborative lawyering - some preliminary thoughts for Australia by John Wade Bond University, Sunny Queensland.

Related: Colorado To Ban Collaborative Family Law?

3. Worth a read because we all know that anything Frank Sander writes is going to be time well spent in our favourite chair;

Matching Cases and Dispute Resolution Procedures: Detailed Analysis Leading to a Mediation-Centered Approach by Frank E.A. Sander & Lukasz Rozdeiczer.

This article addresses the question of how to select the most appropriate ADR procedure for a particular dispute... fit the forum to the fuss and all that...

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