Thursday, June 14

Conflict Resolution e-Journal - volume 1 issue 1

I'm delighted to be witness to the birth of a new resource to our mediation online world.

The very first issue of La Trobe University's Conflict Resolution Research Centre Conflict Resolution e-Journal is just out and I even recognise some of its early stars.

NZ's own Rob Warner of Standards NZ has authored Performance measurement considerations for dispute system designers – what gets measured gets managed, what is managed can be improved

And LA's own Victoria Pynchon has authored The cost of a thing is the amount of life which is required to be exchanged for it: the subjective experience of money in the settlement of a wrongful burial practices case (see Vickie's blog post on the same topic)

This is a serious academic resource and all articles are to be the subject of academic or professional peer review.

One request - where can those interested subscribe by email or feed to the e-journal? I could not find anything.

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Anonymous said...

Is that ex-ACC Rob Warner? I have a lot of time for his approach.