Friday, July 6

Aotearoa New Zealand

I love this country. Some days it takes my breath away.

Like yesterday.

I was asked to help out a group of Maori in trouble.

They wanted to
korero (speak) together and had invited me to their hui (gathering) to help.

I was manuhiri (a visitor) and when I arrived at the hui I was met by the tangata whenua (home people) and the
kaumatua (elders of the tribe) and we proceeded to hongi (sharing of breath and pressing of noses)

We started with a mihi or whaikorero (welcome) followed by a karakia (prayer).

Then they turned it over to the skinny pakeha boy (not).

And guess what - our stuff works with their stuff.

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Victoria Pynchon, said...

WOW!! You never thought your career as a lawyer would take you places like this, did you? But, Geoff, puh-leeesseeeeeeeeee, the rest of the story! As always, a great pleasure to listen to your voice through your blog. Best, Vickie