Tuesday, July 24

Self-assessment Checklist: The Skills of Persuasion*

I thought this was a good table to assess general skills of persuasion.

*From a one‐day workshop (sorry, no link) conducted for the Law Institute of Victoria by La Trobe University


Sarah said...

I am not impressed with the skills of persuasion, as persuasion is mainly used for an individual's, or political, or corporate propaganda.
I am one of those who received full on and sustained persuasion over many years, backed up with punishment, in a religious environment.
If truth prevails, persuasion is not needed.

Geoff Sharp said...


John Ford said...

The "FROM NO TO YES video", © AIM Learning Group Inc, which was produced by John Cleese and which is still widely used in conflict resolution skills training is the source of this model!

Geoff Sharp said...

Thanks John, I'm glad we got that cleared up.