Monday, August 27

David Maister on Buying Professional Services

In his latest short video gem, Maister digs deep into what it feels like to be on the other side of the fence - to be the buyer of professional services.

And you know, when clients purchase mediation services, it's quite simple.

If you want clients to trust you enough to use you, don't bother telling them how good you are - that your resolution rate is 99%, that you are a 'high rolling, high stakes mediator' - instead worry about them and their baby....[want to know more?... then watch here]

I left a comment asking David;

" things change when we are selling TO professional services firms, like lawyers.
I am a commercial mediator (ex NZ big law) and now I call the law firms, and specific attorneys within them, my clients.
Anything different in this situation or is it still all about the baby...?"

I will let you know if he answers.

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