Tuesday, August 21

Dispute Resolution Magazine, Summer 2007

In the latest volume of ABA's DR Magazine lurks an interesting and well thought out article.

The Din of Many Voices: news coverage, the expansion of discourse, and conflict by Philip Seib of USC's School of Journalism examines the media's discourse around conflict, in particular across the vast ocean of the blogosphere, and how those of us in the DR business might manage this environment.

Seib says;

"... bloggers represent one of the most significant new facets of conflict-related discourse. They, along with other Internet-based communicators, provide many of the new voices and viewpoints that have emerged within the past few years... From an academic standpoint, the blogosphere is intriguing in terms of agenda setting. As blogs become more widely read, their influence may increase, affecting how the public aligns its issues priorities...."

Sorry no link - if you are not an ABA D/R section member, a copy of the magazine may be obtained for $8.00 from the ABA service center at service@abanet.org

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