Thursday, August 30

Great Question

If you get most of your work from attorneys, then Larry Bodine says here you should find your five favorites and ask them;

"What can I do to get more clients like you?"


Tammy Lenski said...

It's a terrific question for anyone, Geoff, not just mediators who get work from attorneys!

I often recommend that mediators look at their top 5-7 referral conduits or their top 5-7 clients and ask them a similar question. The answer's always useful, at least in my experience.

I'm going to add this post of yours to next month's roundup, Geoff.

Chris Annunziata said...

That's a great idea and one I will incorporate in one shape or form to my marketing lunches. I recently had an attorney volunteer a list of names whom he thought I should contact. Nothing has come of it yet (either due to my clumsy marketing skills or the natural resistance to want to listen to "sales pitches") but it exposed me to 8-10 people I did not know. If one of them sends me business, I guess the $40 lunch with the first guy was worth it.