Thursday, August 16

Mediators can now host their own live internet talk back radio

Now that mediators have mastered blogs, podcasts and videoblogs, we are ready to move on to host our very own talk back radio show.

BlogTalkRadio takes blogging to the next level, allowing bloggers to host a live blog show online. It's free to both radio show hosts and listeners and makes an exciting extension to the plain old text blog.

You can schedule your show up to a month in advance and listeners tune in live from the
BlogTalkRadio site.

For those who want to phone in, just dial the phone number (by
Skype if you want) that appears on the Programming Guide and you will be automatically placed in a queue where you are visible on the host's computer. When the host takes your call, you will be live and on the air!

BlogTalkRadio has more than 17,000 broadcasts under its belt and now carries an average of 200 shows per day, sometimes with 20 on air at once.

BTW#1, one of my IAM colleagues,
Doug Noll is launching his own Internet radio show on World Talk Radio in September. World Talk Radio is a slightly different concept from BlogTalkRadio but is another viable option.

Doug's show is called Fix Your Conflicts! and he is looking looking for interesting mediator guests to talk about their practice. I will post when he is about to do his first show so we can all tune in.

BTW#2, take a look at Doug's blog that started back in May this year - Ataraxis: Solutions for Peace in Your Life; observations and lessons from a court room warrior turned peacemaker about finding peace in everyday life


Tammy said...

Geoff, for folks who are interested in the sound quality question, I thought I'd add that I've been listening to a few shows on BlogTalkRadio for 4-5 months and the quality is very good if the hosts are using a clear phone connection. Folks who use Skype sometimes "disappear" (lose the connection) and have to call back in, as happens now and then on Skype. But BlogTalkRadio itself seems like a terrific service. Thanks for giving us the skinny on how it works!

Geoff Sharp said...

Thanks Tammy, I had you in mind when I was thinking 'now who might be brave enough to have a go at this'. I know you won't let us down.

Tammy said...

Hah! I was thinking of **you**! I think my too-many-times-broken-in-soccer nose might make my voice a bit too nasal over the radiowaves. But I've heard you, Geoff, and your voice is lovely!