Tuesday, September 18

A conversation with two movers and shakers of the DR world - Mike Lind and Jim Melamed #2

As I said in my last post profiling UK's ADR Group MD, Mike Lind, one of my welcome duties at the LEADR conference this week is to conduct a couple of interviews by video link.

In addition to talking with Mike, I am hooking up with Jim Melamed, one of the founders of Mediate.com... in fact we have just celebrated Mediate.com's 12th birthday with
Mediate.com is almost a teenager.

So, Jim needs no introduction and I suspect if readers of this blog are prepared to travel so far into the bowels of the Internet to get here (this is the 5,770,818th most popular space on the web) then you sure as hell know your way round the #1 piece of mediation cyberspace.

What I will be interested in asking Jim when we talk on Thursday is how a boy from Eugene, Oregon gets to be the mastermind behind the most must read site in our field? And what does the future mediator look like? Do we still have legs? Do we convene flesh mediations anymore?

But in the meantime here are just a few of the glowing birthday testimonials from mediators all around the globe;

"Amidst the flotsam and jetsam that passes through my email inbox, there are a few items that I always read. The Mediate.com Newsletter is one of those items, because it's one of the first places where cutting-edge ideas appear, and the articles are well thought out and well written" David A. Hoffman

"Based upon more than a decade of passionate work, Mediate.com has become to mediators what Google has become to the internet"
Jeffrey Krivis

"When new mediators ask me to name the best resource for news, ideas, and information on dispute resolution, I tell them there's only one name they need to remember: Mediate.com. No other publication--either print or digital--brings together so much wisdom from so many experienced practitioners across the world--and all of it just a mouse click away. And unlike other online ADR resources Mediate.com is more than simply a web site. It is simultaneously conversation and community--innovative, dynamic, and vibrant. Bravo, Mediate.com, and congratulations on your 200th edition" Diane J. Levin

"Mediate.com is the GO-TO place for mediators to exchange ideas and make contributions" Gregorio Billikopf Encina

"Mediate.com has surpassed my optimistic predictions for its development. It is a unique and essential part of the field, brilliant innovation" Leonard Riskin

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