Tuesday, September 11

mediator blah... blah... goes retro

Download the free blah... blah... bookmark that I am putting in the LEADR Conference pack next week - and it's all good if you have a colour printer.

You can find the instructions for putting the bookmark together by clicking on comments below. If you really can't do it yourself, and you promise to give a bunch of these out at your next mediator get-together, I might even mail you some of the ones I have had professionally printed and laminated if you leave me a name & postal address in the comments.

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Geoff Sharp said...

1. Open link (it's a .pdf file) and save if you want to
2. Make sure the sizing in your .pdf reader toolbar is 100% or 'actual size'
3. Print out via a colour printer on plane paper (or better still on card)
4. Cut your style choice out
5. Glue back to back
6. Cover with laminate/or sticky tape
7. Use it to mark your favourite mediation text!