Thursday, September 6


You gotta' be quick in the blogosphere - thinking I was doing so under the radar, I have quietly been preparing my presentation to LEADR's 9th International ADR Conference in a couple of weeks time, online at an orphan page on my website.

My paper - 40 Sites in 40 Minutes is a romp through the ADR cyberspace stopping off at some of my favourite places.

Conference goers will be encouraged to bring their own wireless laptops and come on tour with me by visiting the page on the web and clicking the links. Those without laptops can follow along on the big screen.

But I have been outed over at Vickie Pynchon's IP ADR Blog and Stephanie West Allen's Brains on Purpose and idealawg who posted here, here and here yesterday linking to my draft paper.

My, those girls are QUICK!

Well, now that I'm out, how about telling me what I've have missed?

Remember, my friends, the paper is called 40 Sites... so when you tell me what needs to get on the list, you need to tell me what goes off!


Richard said...

Geoff - This looks excellent! Cheers, Richard.

Tammy Lenski said...

Geoff, what a terrific list...all my favorites are there. Thanks for including me.

As I worked my way through the list, I realized just how much richness there is on the ADR web now, compared even to a year ago. It's heartening....thanks for a lovely start to my day!