Friday, October 26

Virtual DR Classes in Second Life

Arno R. Lodder is an associate professor at the Computer/Law Institute of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Arno is also director of the Centre for Electronic Dispute Resolution - an international research platform concentrating on legal and technical aspects of electronic dispute resolution.

This prof is the real deal and he's been conducting Online Dispute Resolution classes in Second Life in 2007!

I know there was a deal of interest in my previous posts about mediation in Second Life so if that was you take a look at his very interesting article;

Short Note on Virtual Law Classes: Second Life and Other Three Dimensional Visual Worlds Next Phase for Online Dispute Resolution?

"Virtual communities and virtual worlds have become popular places on the internet, with some visited even more than Google. The virtual worlds offer opportunities to Online Dispute Resolution. With the advent of the virtual worlds, virtual conflicts ask for an adequate online resolution mechanism: a virtual courtroom. Insights from Online Dispute Resolution research can be applied in developing such a courtroom. The interesting aspect about these environments is that they are electronic by nature but that they look and feel like the real world. As such they might be able to bridge the gap between online and offline dispute resolution. This paper elaborates upon the potential of ODR in three dimensional worlds. I use as an example two recent classes I gave in Second Life, and indicate the experiences relevant for dispute resolution"

And go here to listen to Arno talking to Colin Rule for Cyberweek last year.

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