Monday, November 5

A complete moron with a nice personality can be a mediator

This ex labor attorney is an idiot, but it's what we are up against.

"... Mediation is a great job, incidentally. There is no possibility of a malpractice suit. You have no clients. You have virtually no files. You get paid at least $250 an hour. You have very low expenses, because you don't need a staff. You can do it out of your car trunk if you want.

And I'll be honest - a monkey could do it. A complete moron with a nice personality can be a mediator. A six year old could do a pretty good job. If I ever return to law practice, I want to be a mediator. Because I have such warmth and so much natural charm.

Shut up..."

But then again, maybe he's onto something?

[read more at Grovel Before the Mighty Mediator]

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Tammy Lenski said...

So nice to know that mediation continues to get such positive reviews in the public realm. I particularly appreciated the blogger's next comment: "What the hell is a "federal mediator"? It sounds like a government official. I've never heard of a mediator who works for the government. Well, yes I have. They're called judges. The whole point of mediation is to avoid bothering them."