Wednesday, November 21

Two interesting practice questions

Two interesting questions answered by co-chairs Diana Mercer and Robert Edward Lee Wright of the ABA DR Section's Standing Committee on ADR Practice Management, Business and Skills Development;

1st Q: Our two children are just starting college and facing high tuition fees. My passion is mediating and I want to do it full time. My spouse is afraid that we won?t be able to pay the bills. What do I do?

2nd Q: I have had an offer to join a private mediation office that will provide me cases and 50-60% of the fees that I generate. Should I join or is better that I have my own practice and keep 100% of fees?

Psssst....if you are interested in this, then Building Your Mediation Practice: Where Should My Office Be Located? may also be of value.

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Dina Lynch, said...

Geoff, thanks for sharing this discussion. Interesting to see that attorneys have similiar concerns/questions about practice-building that non-attorney mediators do.

Diana Mercer and her business partner, Tara Fass, will be my guests in February, 2008 sharing their insights on how a mediator and therapist can work together to benefit clients. We'll have a lot more to talk about now.

Thanks, Dina