Wednesday, January 16

This is not a job blog, but...

... this message today from transformative mediation's Robert A. Baruch Bush was just too important not to post.

At first I thought the Great Man had written to me alone, but then the email turned out to be to a zillion others as well.

But if you didn't get it here's the message;

"I'm writing to inform you of a great opportunity to work as the director of a Transformative Mediation Clinic at Hofstra Law School, in New York, where I teach.

This is a new and important step, for Hofstra and for our work on transformative mediation, since I am unaware of any school that runs a mediation clinic using the transformative model. This will be a first -- at Hofstra, and in the law school world.

The clinic will be focused on an important conflict arena in which the transformative model will offer real value to clients -- parent-child conflicts in so-called "PINS" cases, which would otherwise be handled by the family courts. A solid source for the clinic's cases will probably be well established by the time the new Director is hired, through a county-wide social services agency that handles PINS cases referred from family court.

The most important qualifications for the position are experience with: transformative mediation practice, PINS cases or other family conflicts, classroom teaching/training, and mediator supervision.

I should note that there is also a requirement that the Director be a lawyer -- a condition for any clinical faculty member at Hofstra Law. Note that this will be a regular faculty position, with full benefits"

Apply by 28 January to; Professor Roy Simonc, c/o Sharron Papaccio, Hofstra University School of Law, 121 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549


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